Events take your business to the next level

Business gets done when people have fun


Who we are

Red Suede Shoes is a national experience design and consulting firm.  Born in Chicago and raised in a fast paced high energy environment.  We realize that business gets done when people have fun and we’re here to help you make that happen.

What we do

We create connection.  Ok, we do a lot more than that, but as far as you’re concerned, our job is to make every element of the experience you’re creating simple for you.  From entertaining your top clients to bringing your brand to the streets, from hosting a conference to setting up a booth, your job is to show up, our job is to make it kick ass.

Why you want to work with us

We’re fun, we’re good at what we do and we pride ourselves on deep attention to detail coupled with connections and experience. We value creating lasting impressions.  And, let’s face it, you don’t need another headache, let us help you get set up for success.

We know you are curious, here’s some pictures from a few notable events, click here to see more.

City of Big Dreams 2015 | The Simple Good


VC Access - February | Venture Connects


Microsoft Ventures Open House